Chris + Erica = Happily Ever After

I have known Erica since she was a baby. I watched her grow up and I was honored that her and Chris would ask me to be their photographer.  Erica is the girl you see wearing jeans and a sweatshirt more often than not.  So, when I saw her in her dress, a  little tear formed in my eye.  I love this girl and her whole family! Chris, he’s pretty awesome too.  Here is the preview with many more to come…



2 Responses to “Chris + Erica = Happily Ever After”

  1. Rob says:

    Wow! Whoever was using the reflector, did an amazing job. It really made the pics pop! The photographer was pretty good too!

  2. Mary Hornsbt says:

    What gorgeous pictures. You did a terrific job. You captured Erica and Chris and their day beautifully.