A Dainty Gift…

I have the best of intentions when it comes to creating things.  For instance, I tell my husband that there is no need to buy wall hangings for the living room because I have the best of intentions of painting a huge canvas that is going to hang above our television center.  Or how I have about 20 or so wood square  pieces of every variety-oak, cherry, walnut and zebra  just waiting in the back of my closet to be made into a mosaic on the other wall.  And then there is my bucket of fabric, tool, ribbon and buttons just screaming at me every time I glimpse their way saying, “DO SOMETHING WITH ME!”  It just makes me think to myself, one day I will have time to put forth these ideas but until that day comes I am so THANKFUL for those people who are really good at manifesting their creativity and sharing it with the rest of us! So this post is dedicated to the awesome woman who made these delicate, o-so tiny hair flowers for our tiniest JEM’s.   I photographed her daughters a few weeks ago and just raved about the hair flower that she made.  Then an unexpected delivery arrived just a short week later! Three beautiful flower headbands! Just the fact that you put forth the effort to do that made my day Steph! Thank YOU!!

One Response to “A Dainty Gift…”

  1. Steffany says:

    You are so very welcome. I hope you enjoy them.