{Softball}Standing Room Only

Ok, it’s been 2 weeks since a softball update.  Don’t ask why.  You know why.

All we gotta say is it was standing room only this past Thursday to see the perfection that is JEM Photography softball on Rolf Field.  The ambulance almost had to be called because the cohesiveness between second and third was on fire!  Which brings us to our JEM-VP for the week, Maggie.  She toiled, earned, dove and gave it her all and for this she will now have her picture as the Kekambas profile picture who has an amazing following of 20 fans or so.  Honorable mentions go to the following players in no specific order, Allison, Pudge, John, Chris, Rachel, Rob, Emy, Jacquie, Kevin, Jen (the other Jen, Not JEM’s Jen but the other Jen, the one that’s sweet at softball), Mike, Dan, Kristen and Jerry.  Poor Poor Jen.  She didn’t get mentioned.  Maybe next time.

If you are planning to come to see the perfection we advise that you come early if you want a bleacher seat.  Let me tell you, they go fast.


Run it out Em… sweet glasses by the way.

Let’s high five it JEM!

Cuz we’re sweet!

Awesome job out there Kevin…”here we go”

Look at the smoke coming off those bats!!

Way to multitask Kristen!

Our JEM-VP.  Awesome job out there Maggie!




2 Responses to “{Softball}Standing Room Only”

  1. Holly says:

    Hey if you guys ever need a sub, give Nick a call – he’d love to play!

  2. Sugeily Murphy says:

    Go tream JEM!!! O where is my shirt?!!! I am in Monroe just in case you needed to know. :0)