{Elizabeth and Brad}I KNEW it would be a beautiful wedding!

I remember meeting Elizabeth and Brad along with the fam at Starbucks over a year ago to talk about this beautiful day.  It’s so funny how you meet, a year passes in a flash and all of a sudden the big day is here.  For some reason, way back then, I pictured Elizabeth and Brad’s day just as it was…beautiful, warm, a typical June day.  I never had a doubt that it would rain or something would go wrong.  It was perfect just like I knew it would be.   Not only was the day beautiful but I got to photograph in one of my favorite churches.  Both the inside and outside is so gorgeous.  Perfect for this couple!

It’s funny because after every wedding Emily and I talk late each Saturday night about each of our weddings.  There is always talk of the beautiful dresses, flowers and most of the time the toast is mentioned among other things.  For this wedding though, the father/daughter and mother/son dances really stuck out.  There was SO MUCH emotion.  I could hardly keep it together during the father/daughter dance.  The gathering in the corner of Elizabeth’s brother, sister-in-law and Mom with their warm looks and the tears coming from both Elizabeth and her Dad was so touching.  Even when I went through the images and put together this blog it made me get a little choked up again.  Emily and I say it all the time, we love what we do and we love capturing emotion and moments that will always be remembered.

Before I end I need to give a shout out to Dan, JEM’s latest assistant.  Thanks for all of your help around here!

It’s Elizabeth’s birthday today and I’m so excited that I get to give her a gift!  Enjoy your sneak peek and Happy Birthday Elizabeth!



5 Responses to “{Elizabeth and Brad}I KNEW it would be a beautiful wedding!”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Jennifer, these pictures are more than we could have ever dreamed. Best birthday present EVER!! Thank you for everything you did to capture our memories!

  2. Sugeily Murphy says:

    STUNNING pic!!!

  3. the Oldest "D" says:

    Jenn… you are soooo good at capturing emotion…wow..wow..the Father, Daughter dance was so loving…love seeing real emotion.

  4. Abby says:

    Beautiful! I <3 her dress 🙂

  5. Lovely photos of a lovely wedding:) JEM you never disappoint!