{JEM Company Photo}

Every year JEM takes a company picture.  What once was a photo of two has grown to a photo of five JEM girls.  Starting from the left is Colleen, our wedding assistant.  Colleen attends the University of Toledo and stops by often to catch up, provide donuts and is ALWAYS a breath of fresh air.  Colleen the last two years have been memorable.  Can’t wait for the season to begin.  Next is Emily Moody and Jennifer Daher, they are the J-E-M in JEM and not only are we the owners and photographers, but we are also the office cleaners, fridge stockers, coffee makers, grounds crew,  recyclers, baby whispers and we don’t want to toot our own horns but (toot-toot) we are also experts in making a fool of ourselves for the perfect picture of your little one.  Next is Emily, our office assistant who often teaches us about those techie things we sometimes miss.  She gracefully puts us up-to-date with current technology (pin-terest, facebook updates, upgrades from flip phones to something more smart, etc.).  Last but not least is Kellie, our office manager.  Do you have an hour for us to continually boast about how extremely grateful we are that she has become a part of our team (aka company).  Those of you who have met her know she can send a shiver down your spine just by her calm, sweet presence.

PS  We have also provided the outtake for your enjoyment and/or laughter.  Jen, when we all say “silly face” it doesn’t mean your usual smile.


2 Responses to “{JEM Company Photo}”

  1. Elaine says:

    I BEYOND love this.

  2. Nikki Mitchell says:

    adorable! But could I expected anything less! So stinkin’ cute girls!