{Playing in Nana’s Backyard}

Nana’s backyard is so peaceful and quiet and lovely.  It’s plopped along a country road and if you didn’t know where you were, you would think you were in the U.P. The only hard part about shooting here was that Logan, who just turned four, wanted to go fishing the whole time. What do you mean, you don’t want to hang out on this really cool ladder in the middle of the grass?? You would rather choose  fishing over haning out with your brother in a wagon?? What?  🙂  This was a gorgeous evening to hang out and take pictures. Cooper kept us busy and on our toes. He is fast!  I wanted to post just a few of my favorites. Thank you Crystal and Kris!

2 Responses to “{Playing in Nana’s Backyard}”

  1. the oldest "D" says:

    Wow..Wow..the fishing poles…the hugs from parents..black and white and color..happy little smiles..can’t pick a favorite..beautiful and priceless

  2. Sugeily Murphy AKA JEM Stalker says:

    Very Sweet! LOVE the pic of mom and son :0) Very SWEET!