{Welcome Bradley}

Tiny Bradley was so good for us when he came in at 7 days old. We had it nice and toasty in here for him to be peaceful and sweepy.  He gave a few yawns, and some silent zzzzzz’s for us along with a couple smiles too. I like photographing newborns in a cozy setting, and what can make it even cozier? A blanket croched by grandma of course.  I was excited to photograph Bradley since that meant I got to see his momma and daddy too . Beth and Carl, I’m glad life is treating you well and I’m looking forward to watching your family grow.  You two are naturals at this parenting thing 🙂

Toledo Ohio Newborn Photographer

catching some zzzzzz’s

Toledo Ohio Newborn Photography

Toledo Ohio Lifestyle Photographer


2 Responses to “{Welcome Bradley}”

  1. Julia's Mom says:

    georgous pictures! He is adorable!

  2. Grandma Jill says:

    What beautiful pictures of such a precious and perfect little guy! Thank you, Emy!