About Jennifer

I sometimes think that the world, for all its intricacies and wonders, forgets to take time to stop and smell the wildflowers, to appreciate the simple things. Yes, the big picture is important, but life is also in the details. For me, there is a hidden beauty that not everyone sees, or maybe it’s that not everyone wants to see it? I want to see it, and when I do, I want to shoot it.

I knew that I wanted to be a photographer from the time I was 13 years old, but that didn’t stop me from attending Bowling Green State University in Ohio and earning a bachelors degree in health education. After two years of office work, I realized that there was no way I could spend any more time working in an environment that was so full of monotony. So, I bid adieu to the four-walls of the “real world” and decided it was time to get back to the simpler things, the things I loved. That was taking pictures - capturing moments and memories – and I never looked back.

Now, over a decade later, I spend my days and nights shooting with my best friend and business partner, Emily. I call it shooting because calling it “work” would be disingenuous, since “work” is supposed to be intolerable, right?

If I am not shooting, then you’re likely to find me hanging out with Emily and my wonderful family. I like to put on my favorite pair of jeans and a comfy t-shirt and get a great cup of coffee or take a trip traveling to new and exciting places. There are so many things I enjoy outside of the studio, but nothing that impacts me more than music and lyrics. They inspire me to be a better friend, person, and photographer.

I was given this life so that I can enjoy it, revel in it, and bless others through it. I believe in living and loving passionately and the very core of me believes in a gracious God who loves us fiercely. Yes, I am that girl who cries at most everything from wedding toasts to The Biggest Loser. I cried my way through my wedding vows, or perhaps the better description, blubbery sobbed my way through, would better fit.

Some of my greatest pleasures are when I am feeling the cool breeze against my skin, watching the light softly glimmer on an endless field, or sitting around an open campfire with the ones I love. If I could drag that northern part of Michigan closer to Toledo, I would be there every night to watch that golden hour. I love being able to sneak away for a few days during the summer when Jen and I have our yearly ‘sabbatical.’ But, I know it doesn’t matter where I am, I am able to find the beauty in the smallest of things.

Before graduating with a degree in Early Childhood Education, I did my student teaching in Honduras. While there, I was simultaneously falling in love with teaching and documenting the beauty of everything, from my students to the laundry being hung out to dry. I learned that I couldn’t deny my passion for photography. During those years of being a teacher, Jennifer and I would discuss and dream about turning this small obsession into a reality. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not grateful for following that dream.

When I’m not at the studio or photographing you, I am more than likely to be with my husband, who is my number one fan, or laughing it up with Jen and the rest of my family. I enjoy being goofy, laughing till I cry, trying new foods (drool), attempting to have a garden, reading, camping, traveling, and I am constantly trying to live in the present moment. If there is one thing that I try to do daily, it is to look at everything as if it is my first or very last time, so that all my days can be filled with beauty.

Our adventure to Jem Photography started in the Grand Canyon. In 2003, we went on a 2 week long trip together, exploring the country. Two girls in their mid-twenties climbing the Grand Canyon, laughing, and talking about life and the future. Little did we know that those conversations about starting our own photograpy business would push us into dreams fulfilled. In 2006, Jem Photography was officialy born, as a wedding and portrait studio, with many weddings already under our belt. Without our faithful clients who entrusted their special days and moments to us in the beginning years, we wouldn't be where we are today. As seamlessly as we work together and as much as we have, we couldn't imagine working alongside anyone else.