Hand Picked

Tuesday this week we had a successful day photographing Silly Monkey Boutique’s clothing line on some very precious children.  We started at 9 and ended at 6 and somewhere around 4 a little boy named Jack waited patiently while we finished up photographing a little model.  You see, we have known Jack and his mom for some time now but when Jack popped into the studio last week to say hello he was sooooo shy. He clung to his mom’s leg and was a little timid towards the new studio. So in between last week and this week Jill talked to Jack all about getting his picture taken, and this along with picking some flowers from their backyard to give to JEM helped him so much when it got time to get in front of the studio lights.  Jill mentioned that Jack is also being taught how to be a gentleman and we agree that you can never go wrong with giving hand picked flowers.

Here Jack is giving one, solitary hand picked flower to Jen.  The thought behind it is so beautiful and innocent and Jen’s reaction has ‘thank you Jack’ written all over her face.  After giving Jen her flower he headed over to me and handed me a matching Black-eyed  Susan that I wore in my hair for the rest of the day. Thank you Jill and Jack!


2 Responses to “Hand Picked”

  1. Sugeily says:

    How cute!Jen you got flowers

  2. Laura says:

    Jen, your hair looks fabulous!!!:)