-Little Miss Mylee-

There is just so much I could say about this little one and her parents.  First of all, Mylee’s mommy and I go way back…. WAY back.  Right Susie?!I love the fact that I’ve done your wedding and have had the pleasure of watching your immediate and extended family grow.  Mylee is now 6 months (JEM’s most favorite age to shoot).  If you follow the blog you might remember Mylee’s newborn portraits with her daddy and the cowboy hat.  Of course we had to use the cowboy hat again for this shoot.  I love the mood this hat brings with it.  So not typical of Toledo area but still very cool in a Tim McGrawish kind of way!  Right Jeremy? 🙂  

Jeremy and Susie – Thank you once again for allowing me to photograph your little one.  Love catching up and laughing together.  Susie, we are seriously considering using your sign idea for gawkers when we shoot.  🙂 


2 Responses to “-Little Miss Mylee-”

  1. Karen Declercq says:

    Jen, you have such a talent for catching those great shots. Thanks to you and Emily for being the special photographers that our family has had the pleasure of working with for weddings as well as the family pictures that eventually followed!

  2. Elaine says:

    AMAZING!!!!!!! love the chandelier, love the bed, love the boots, love that hat…. so beautiful! excited for your sweet family Susie!