{Greg} Anthony Wayne High School Senior

Greg seems to be the guy that might surprise you every once in a while because you really never expected him to do something so c-r-a-z-y. Such as allow his friends to dress him up like Edward Scissor Hands for school during spirit week. Not that this is crazy, but I wanted to get your attention. Taking a look at him, would you expect this?? Ha! He came home from school and his mom had been busy all day finalizing schedules to squeeze Greg in for senior portraits when she took one look at him as he walked in the door and with wide eyes she said, ” Is the black hair color permanent??!” Nope. Washable.

So Greg came to the studio a couple weeks ago on one of those outrageously gorgeous Fall days.  We walked down the street for a few ‘urban’ pictures and then headed to Wildwood where it just so happened that the sun light loved Greg (along with the camera) … Greg it’s all in the tilted  chin, right? Thanks for letting me take you throughout the park and photographing you! I loved how we went from business  to urban to nature. You can rock it all 🙂

6 Responses to “{Greg} Anthony Wayne High School Senior”

  1. Love the 3rd from the end, the vertical shot in the woods-very nice:)

  2. Katelyn Waldeck says:

    Greg your pictures look so great!
    I especially love that purple shirt 😀

  3. Sugeily says:

    I second what the first comments says. Great pics

  4. Kellijean Younglove says:

    I LOVE the woods!!! I am wanting my senior pictures in woods. may i ask where you went to get these pictures??

  5. jem says:

    Hi Kellijean- We went to Wildwood Park in Toledo-use the main entrance off Central Avenue. Best lighting for the woods pictures would be around 4 in the afternoon!

  6. Mimmy says:

    Greg, I think your pictures are wonderful, just like you are. I’ve picked several that I will be happy to buy!!

    Luv, Your Mim