{Brittanie & Nick} Love and Laughter

When I first met Brittanie to talk about her wedding and an engagement session she threw in at the very tail end of our conversation that her fiance was a bit of a goofball. I remembered this from months ago and Nick did not disappoint me.  There is no other word to describe his sayings, gestures, stick up nostrils type of personality better than plain SILLY.  Brittanie can barely keep a serious face before Nick makes her burst out laughing.  And Brittanie-you are so naturally beautiful.  You remind me of an Aveeno advertisement.

I loved that we were able to go all over Pearson Park and hardly saw another soul. Though our sun was setting behind clouds, I love the two of you in the field at sundown.

-Keep laughing-


4 Responses to “{Brittanie & Nick} Love and Laughter”

  1. Sugeily says:


  2. Diane says:

    You captured Nick perfectly!

  3. Susan Good says:

    Beautiful pictures. I know how beautiful they both are, but you captured the best of them…

  4. Brittanie says:

    Emy – you are such an amazing photographer 🙂 You know how to capture every moment and I absolutely adore all of the photos. Keep up the great work – I can’t wait to see the rest and even better yet – the pictures of our big day 🙂