{Davis} Weren’t You a Newborn Just Yesterday??

If you have followed our blog in the last year, you might remember this little man.  I met Jill and her mom at McQueen’s Orchard a few weeks ago and as Davis was running around and intent on the task at hand (collecting fresh and rotten apples) I was reminded of how the passage of change can be marked in so many ways.  In this case, it was marked by my clear memories of this little baby bundled up at our old studio for his newborn session and here he is running around and learning about everything in his  environment. Jill-isn’t it crazy? Makes me appreciate each day given to us to enjoy thoroughly.    Ok, so it’s Thanksgiving soon but I would have said that regardless.

Davis is an active little 18 month old and so what I captured was Davis doing nothing out of the ordinary: being Davis.  I think he wore all three of us adults out and I am pretty sure once the ride home started he was out like a light.


6 Responses to “{Davis} Weren’t You a Newborn Just Yesterday??”

  1. Jill says:

    I truly cannnot believe my little newborn has turned into this sweet little man. It is amazing how much they change over time. I always say this after every session you do of Davis, but, this might be the best one yet :o) Really, every session you do for us is amazing and I wish I could hang every single picture you have taken in our house. Do you make wallpaper?? haha

  2. Jill says:

    Emy, I have no idea what the weird smiling face is all about in my comment.

  3. Sugeily says:

    Emy your Awesome and these pics are too

  4. Amy says:

    What a little man! Love the pics!

  5. Rob says:

    I love these orchard shots! and little man with his Stones shirt on.

  6. jem says:

    wallpaper…you may be onto something here Jill 😉