Ben makes me {Happy}

Meet this lovable little boy…or remeet him since he was on our blog over the summer (Ben’s curly smile). Ben has that baby soft skin and hair that makes me want to pet his head every time he comes near me.  I have a tendency to pet baby’s heads and find their hair irresistible, of course Ben is no exception.  We met on one of the last warm days of Fall, I am afraid to say I don’t think we will be getting anymore abnormally warm days. We met right around 4:00 when the sun is doing it’s magical work and casting out the golden hues in these photos below.  Ben played with whatever was in front of him, whether it was a ladder or a twig-it didn’t matter to him.  Eric met up with Heather and Ben towards the middle of our shoot and it was perfect for me to grab a few family pictures. I can’t say it enough: I love capturing the love of family.


4 Responses to “Ben makes me {Happy}”

  1. Lisa Barton says:

    Hey, I know that family:). What great photos! Ben is so stinking adorable:).

  2. Sugeily says:

    Love the one of him and his mom and the way the sun is shining on them. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. The "D" says:

    The sun behind Mommy and child….the love of family…NOTHING beats it!…so beautiful

  4. Heather says:

    Thank you everyone (especially Lisa!). Emy takes some AMAZING pictures!