{Zachary} On the Move

Zach has enough energy to send a rocket to Mars. After we were done with our photo shoot, I thought to myself, man I need to seriously start exercising regularly. Not only so that I can have more energy like my new friend Zach, but so I can chase two year olds around with my camera and not poo poo out after 15 minutes.  I asked Lisa when Zach started walking because I had a hunch that he started early. Sure enough he started at 10 months! Lisa and I actually went to college together and we majored in early childhood education and I always think it’s funny that even though I don’t teach anymore I love hearing phrases like, ” His fine motor skills are really advanced” as this sends back some good memories.  I also love seeing personalities coming out in young children and Zach has a sound determination-I almost see him accomplishing a lot as he grows up because I see that when he puts his mind to something he goes for it.  We brought out the tricycle for him to climb on and here we are learning how to ride it even though it was only a prop. He continued to go back to that bike and those are some of my favorite pictures…Lisa, it’s been 10 years since those UT days and I am so glad to see you are doing well and a proud mom of a beautiful 2 year old (that resembles you so much!)


2 Responses to “{Zachary} On the Move”

  1. Sugeily says:

    Very Cute!

  2. Alice says:

    Great grandma says

    What a handsome man proud to be part of his life
    Love great grandma taylor