{Aubrey & Paige} Adorable Sisters

I met Aubry over the summer when she was our Silly Monkey Boutique model and during this initial photo shoot I fell for this little girl.  She has personality and spunk and innocence all wrapped up in the numeric age of 4.  I like that she thoroughly loves to get her picture taken.  A few weeks ago they came into the studio and I got the meet the youngest, Paige and so it happened that this one steals hearts too. She has this quiet demeanor about her that makes you a little quieter too…and innocent looks. I love these first two of Aubry, as I think you can get a clear idea of her personality, and I hope you  can admire the jewelry as much as she does.   I also love the last picture with Jen showing some love to her daughter that decided she had enough with family pictures 🙂

3 Responses to “{Aubrey & Paige} Adorable Sisters”

  1. Sugeily says:

    Love how this girls rock those hats 🙂 Beautiful Pic’s

  2. Grandma & PaPa says:

    Good job girls! Love the pictures. Cute as a button. Can’t wait to see the rest. The family picture is really good. We’ll need to get one of those.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Love them! Thanks so much! You can really see both of their personailities in these pictures! Can’t wait to see the rest:-)