Where have we been???

Where HAVE we been?  Italy? Ireland? Nope.  Southern France? Close, but more like Southern Ohio.  LOL.  Every year we take a trip to unwind, refill, recharge, rethink, replan… re-EVERYTHING!  Em packed her duffle bag, Jen her obnoxiously large and heavy, in case of an emergency SUITCASE with five extra coats…just in case.  Planned departure time, 7:30am.  Actual departure, 1:00pm.  You catch our drift?  So anyway, once we actually got on the road, it was destination unknown and Project 517.  What is Project 517?  We aren’t exactly sure but we had to come up with a name for reference purposes.

Project 517 highlights (in no particular order):

While shopping was supposed to be strictly JEM related, stumbled upon Old Navy’s clearance of all clearance events, ADDITIONAL 50% off (Jackpot!)

Driving through various treacherous snow storms

Kickin it at all the finest hotels and Hiltons.  Not really.  Red Roofing it!!!!!

JEM photoshoot of none other than ourselves (sample below)

Panera, Panera, oh yeah and Panera with serious deep JEM planning over 5 cups of coffee and snapping pictures for distraction (samples below)

Finding, rummaging and STUFFING the jeep with all our new JEM “treasures” that we can’t wait to use soon


For a full run-down of all the stories we aren’t able to mention on the blog feel free to ask personally.  🙂 Sometimes the best way for us to get inspiration is to pack up and head out for a few days.  It’s amazing what happens when we are on the road and we throw out ideas back and forth.  We wanted to share just a glimpse of where we have been.

Aviators.  A GPS?  Whah?

We said it first, we’re dorks.  It’s true.  Continue on…

Doing a little work, emphasis on a little.

Did we seriously eat all those donuts? Ahhhhmmmm.

We often joked if someone were to break into our car and steal all of our “treasures” what the perpetrator would say.  Honestly, we still laugh over this.  I mean, come on, various broken and rusty, crates, cribs, baskets, scales and other notorious JEM props…


Project 517 complete.


10 Responses to “Where have we been???”

  1. What a great way to unwind and prepare for a busy wedding season! We love your work and look forward to working many weddings with you two!

  2. The oldest "D" says:

    If you didn’t eat ALLLL those donuts …Be right over…Looks like a totaly fun trip…I’m comin with you guys next time …K..??

  3. Lisa says:

    Sounds like you may have found your scale Emy! Can’t wait to hear about it soon!!

  4. Laura says:

    lol! seriously just what i needed today:) you two are absolute beauties!

  5. Nikki says:

    I have to say… I love you girls! Your spirits are amazing!!! Two Beautiful Beauties!! I can’t wait to see what’s new in the studio soon! Nikki Lynch

  6. Sugeily Murphy says:

    AWESOME Pic!!! And just a side note from your number one stalker(I love the new blog post.) If you could just keep them coming!! lol
    Love you JEM Girls!!!! What an AMAZING gift you both have and may God continue!!
    to BLESS your work!! 🙂

  7. Stefani says:

    Looks so fun! Jen I am totally amazed at how much you look like Mark in the picture of you looking out the window. Love you girls and miss ya!

  8. Elaine says:

    BEAUTIFUL, FUNNY, and just plain FANTASTIC. I hope someday I can bribe my way in to be a roadie on one of these fab. road trips!!! (Em don’t you need help carrying all of Jen’s luggage???) You Jem Chicas are gorgeous inside and out! LOVE YOU GUYS…

  9. jem says:

    Oh My! How we love comments! I’m gonna address you all at once here. Elaine – It’s a problem, it really is! I over pack. What if I’m chilly and I need yet another jacket? Ha! We would love a roadie! Stef – you think I look like Mark? I guess a little… I can understand because I see serious Huff in all you guys! Sugeily – Holdin strong in your position here at JEM, I like it! Nikki – THANK YOU, we feel the same about you. Laura Agulaura – Do you like your new name? hahaha! Uncle Bob – Sounds like someone else wants to be a roadie! 😮 Lisa – No, we found little baby scales but not THE scale Emily needs. Still looking for that. Your Perfect Day – REALLY excited to be working with you guys this year. See you soon.

  10. Jill says:

    Love you girls!!! I think I need to bring a 12 pack over of both cake truffles and beer and hear the rest of your stories!!!