{Evelyn} On the Go

You can imagine why I titled Eveyln’s post ‘On the Go’ She is one year old and constantly on the move…interested in something for about 10 seconds and then on to the next, better thing. How dainty these first few pictures of her are and those big blue eyes definitelyhave a twinkle.  We tried for quite a while to see that she might step into JEM’s  pocket of window light and play but she was more interested in everything but playing in the  small square footage I had in mind. It was such a gorgeous day when we took these pictures , that when our FedEx came, Evelyn was able to take in the wind and and excitement that big trucks brings.  All during our shoot, her big sister Sophia was so incredibly patient and moved from chair to chair being ‘Princess Sophia’ and talking about birthdays. She stepped in one picture with Evelyn to help her out…what a good sister.  And as you know, we always love to do a birthday cake pictures for children turning one. I LOVE this cake from our friend Julie at Syd’s Bakery in Mayberry Square  She makes these smash cakes so good that I seriously have to resist getting two.  Steff, it was great to talk while getting Eveyln’s pictures done!



4 Responses to “{Evelyn} On the Go”

  1. Steffany says:

    Love them, Emy! You always do such a fantastic job and my girls love you! Looking forward to a shoot again this summer! (p.s. The cake was Ah-MA-zing!!)

  2. Elaine says:

    CUTE!!! beautiful eyes… I love how you girls capture them! and of course I love me some Syd’s Bakery too! YUM.

  3. These photos are mesmerzing! Thank you for your sweet comment on the SMP post of my wedding video teaser from Fiore Films. It brought me here I am so happy to have found your blog and your work. Evelyn is simply beautiful – I know her family will cherish these photos for years to come.

  4. Sugeily Murphy says: