{Erica + Matt} Nothing Less than Love

Yes, this was a perfect day. Nothing less. I was going to title this, “Nothing Less than Love and Tears” because of the so many tender moments throughout the day. Hmmm…I don’t know why I left out the tears part?? Ok…well to begin with, this wedding took place at the Ann Arbor  Eagle Crest Marriot, which was perfect for so many reasons including that Matt is an avid golfer and he was able to golf that morning, not only that, I love photographing at new places and it was my first time here and so it was a fresh set of ideas for me…including using golf carts.  Erica was BEYOND stunning and as Matt saw her coming down the aisle this is when I just knew how perfect they were for eachother…Jen and I always talk about things we love best at weddings and it is very similar, I love the toasts and Jen loves those first dances among many other things, and when a groom fights back tears when seeing his bride for the first time (whether a first look or coming down the aisle) is my all-time favorite part of a wedding.  Not only this, but the pastor was a friend of the family  and during the blessing at the end of the ceremony he was holding back tears as well.  I love when people get real with their feelings and it gets even better because I actually cried during Matt’s brothers speech.   When a man called, Bigs get’s you choked up, you know things are good.  Erica and Matt, you two have that kind of chemistry that just fits.  Words can’t describe it as well as pictures….

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