{Erin & Tony} Getting Married

It make me feel so honored when I find out that these two drove over an hour in a half to meet me at Wildwood for their engagement pictures-with their sweet dog, who appears to have an affection for the camera 😉  How quickly these next few months will go until we meet again for their wedding. Erin and Tony, you seemed to have walked out of a movie when I saw you approaching the Manor House. You two are clearly perfect for each other…Tony is definitely smitten (I think that is my new favorite word, since I have been using it a lot) with Erin and how could he not be?? As these pictures were getting edited, all of us girls at the studio would ooh and ahh over how cute this couple was. Erin-Erin.Erin. Erin. You are so sweetly beautiful, like I said in our first encounter-girl, you have skin like a porcelain doll. Though this day was so incredibly humid and called for rain, you two didn’t care and I really love that about you!  My favorites…

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