{Chace & Jaxon} fall in love with these newborn baby boys

Meet these brothers: Chace & Jaxon. They were born a little over two months ago and they were just peanuts when brought home…now they are packing on the pounds. I was able to hang out with these twins a couple weeks ago, along with Justin and Heather who are amazingly proud parents. It is written all over their faces. We love connections and feeling and capturing all this was easy to do since schnuzzling with their new baby boys is second nature.  This was the first set of newborn twins I have photographed, and you can imagine that when one was sleeping, the other one would be awake and vice versa. It took us a little longer to coo both babies to sleep, but that doesn’t matter….they ended up sleeping, and cuddling  next to eachother for quite a while.  The bucket in one of these pictures was purchased with the intention of placing the two of them in their and even though that never worked, we went along with the idea that Jackson was 2 months old.  I also have to add that my favorite picture was unexpected, I was testing out my light as Heather was taking her hands away from Chace’s head, as I loaded my card, I was drawn to this picture…her hands have so much love in them and it reminded me of a mother’s gentle love.  Though it was only a short amount of time that I met you both, I know you are not only amazing people but you are amazing parents.

5 Responses to “{Chace & Jaxon} fall in love with these newborn baby boys”

  1. Stephanie says:

    These are the cutest twins pictures EVER!!!

  2. Megan says:

    What sweet little guys! Just love seeing babies on the blog 🙂 Our own little Caleb will be about ready to visit you again soon!

  3. Julia's Mommy says:

    Beautiful pictures – Love them!

  4. Bethany says:

    you girls are just so amazing! wish I could have just watched this session!! I can’t even pick a fave!

  5. Sugeily Murphy says:

    Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!