{Abi & Codey} Wedding Day

Is this the JEM Blog?  Am I really posting something?  YES, in fact I am!  It’s been a while since a blog has been posted and that means JEM is busy beyond belief.  We are so thankful to all our JEM clients and for all the wonderful faces we get to photograph everyday.  Sorry blogs have been sparse, but we will do our best to get back at it!

We are going to try and do things differently with some of our wedding postings.  For this special wedding I wanted to put together a slideshow to show the beautiful day that Abi and Codey had.  They have been extremely patient with this posting and for that I THANK YOU so much.  So without further ado, sit back, grab your snack pack or popcorn, relax and enjoy the show.

Click below to view.

Abi and Codey Slideshow











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