{Sloane} Birthday Girl!

You gotta love you some Sloane! She makes anyone’s day happier…probably because she is so happy herself.  Many of you know the story of Sarah and Tim and if not you can find it under,  Sloane’s newborn pictures.  So, they were in town for her first birthday and  I was able to meet up at  Botanical Gardens on a beautiful Spring evening to capture Sloane being herself. We had an entourage of Aunties there with us and if you saw us you would have thought it was pretty ridiculous.  Aunt Erica and Melissa carried around outfits, a stroller and balloons that announced we were going  ‘overboard’.  But, it’s fun to go overboard.  At the end we finally got around to giving Sloane her balloon. It lasted 5.2 nanoseconds and before I could say anything it floated away. I love you Sloaney!


7 Responses to “{Sloane} Birthday Girl!”

  1. Amber says:

    She is such a mini Sarah <3<3<3

  2. The oldest "D" says:

    Absolutly cannot wait till I have my OWN Grandaughter…Her peaking around the fence….Priceless..:-)

  3. Melissa says:

    Oh Sloanie you are soooo cute!! I love you!

  4. Sugeily Murphy AKA JEM Stalker says:

    Just BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. Luann says:

    Love, love the pictures and love my grandaughter so much!

  6. Emily.. these are just priceless! Still hard to believe that we have a granddaughter sometimes. She is our little miracle baby, and we just love her to pieces!

  7. Sarah R. says:

    The last one = PRICELESS!