{Laila} You so Sweet

I’ve been photographing Laila since she was a newborn and I have gotten to know this little lady and her sweet disposition. Laila, you will grow into a strong, determined young girl one day. You say, ‘no thanks’ to flower wreathe headbands, but you say ‘Yes’ to sticks and dirt. This pretty flower headband by Jen at Beautiful Blooms by Jen lasted long enough for the two pictures below.   You are a true two year old, discovering your environment by interacting alongside it.  You also wear me out 🙂  I needed to take a nap after taking your pictures. We actually ‘pretended’ to nap to coerce Laila to come and get her picture taken, as if that would work? It was a little reverse psychology that left us all ‘sleeping’  and Laila saying, ‘ha, ha, adults, I know this trick.’  But, for one tiny moment, Laila came and laid down next to her mommy 🙂 Here are a few pictures from this day and if you don’t know this precious girl, hopefully you can get a glimpse from these few pictures.


2 Responses to “{Laila} You so Sweet”

  1. Gina says:

    I seriously LOOOOVE these pictures!! She has definitely grown and blossomed into a gorgeous beautiful young lady!!!!

  2. the oldest "D" says:

    The pic’s with the yellow rain coat are stunning…great job Jem Ladies