{Jen & Tom} Enchanting

So have you ever seen the movie Enchanted with Amy Adams???  It’s such a cute movie!  I ask because sweet Jen, whom I photographed at Maumee Bay with her handsome fiance, Tom, IS Amy Adams from that movie.  I’m not joking!  Amy, I MEAN JEN, is so happy and bubbly and giggly.  Just her presence will send you into song!  I’ve never met anyone like her and rightly so.  She has a one-of-a-kind personality and the way Tom looks at her, I think he thinks the same.  You two are SOOOOO adorable together.  I look forward to part II you guys!  Enjoy your peek!


5 Responses to “{Jen & Tom} Enchanting”

  1. the oldest "D" says:

    The ring on the drift wood..the infections laughter and happy smiles..the romance between the couple…the red hair..(Im so partial to red hair)
    the happy blue eyes..once again Ladies you captured the quality of the love between this couple

  2. Tommy N says:

    Wow… These pictures far exceeded my expectations. I was looking at these for the first time and couldn’t come up with words to express how beautiful these are. Unbelievable work. Thank you so, so much for everything.


    Tom and Jen

  3. beth says:

    Jen and Tom….you both are model material!! Absolutely gorgeous pics!!! Brings a tear to my eye Jen…. :*)

  4. Elaine says:

    LOVE!!!!! the black and white looking off into the distance = AMAZING 🙂 you rock J.Daher…. these are fantastic!

  5. Adrianne S says:

    Absolutely beautiful!