{Davis} Gotta Love this lil’ man!

“Davis, Elvis would love to see you play the harmonica. Would you like to play it for him??”  We weren’t referring to the bell-bottom Elvis, but rather, our very own mailman. Elvis spotted us as he was delivering the mail and saw that Davis was in need of  a little assistance.  He showed Davis that he had some milk-bone treats in his bag and thought he might want some to call his own. This small gesture calmed Davis’ nerves and we name dropped Elvis’ name throughout this photo shoot. That,  along with some potty humor, allowed Davis to give us some adorable smiles.   Jill-I love our sessions! You always make me laugh and I love watching Davis grow up.

                                                     Davis….my buddy Clifford would like those treats for later. Can I give them to him??


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