{Brandon and Alison} Toledo Zoo Wedding

Every single thing I loved about Alison and Brandon’s wedding….down to the pez wedding characters on the cookie cake.   Often it’s said, and said again during our wedding blogs how our couples are perfect for each other, and you two are no exception.  Alison and Brandon mesh so well together…I often think that they subliminally tell each other how to smile because they end up having the same look on their faces 🙂  Do you really do this?  O Alison and Brandon, your wedding day was fabulous.  Alison- you are a rock-star. Brandon, I loved getting to know how you started dating Ali..so it’s not just a love of softball that you had but a special lady on the team that had you wanting to play? Love this.

Alison and Brandons’ wedding kept getting better and better as the days got closer and closer.  The Toledo Zoo is a great venue to begin with, but then just weeks before Alison’s mom ran into a couple in the neighborhood that has a ‘small’ collection of classic cars.  They were able to rent these out for a few hours and everyone loved them…

I can’t forget to thank my awesome assistant: Emily C for helping me…you always make the day better 🙂

Toledo Wedding Zoo

Toledo Zoo Wedding

Toledo Zoo Wedding

Toledo Zoo Wedding Photographer

Sit back and watch the slideshow:


3 Responses to “{Brandon and Alison} Toledo Zoo Wedding”

  1. the oldest "D" says:

    Wow…Wow…where do I start??the shot of the Fam in front of the old Galaxy..Awsome job, Ladies

  2. Alison Will says:

    We are so greatful for the gorgious photographs that Emily has done for us. The beauty of the day has truly been captured due to her amazing skill and talent. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Valerie says:

    Brandon showed me the website at work and I came back to look again. You two are a beautiful couple and your wedding looks gorgeous. Love your pictures.