{Brittany and Michael} Fun and Modern Wedding

Brittany and Michael wanted a  location for their wedding that was modern and sleek, and they were fortunate to find The Secor Building in downtown Toledo.  This was the first time I have photographed here and I absolutely LOVED everything about this location. They were able to get married in a naturally lit art gallery and then their guests walked down the hall to the reception area which was spacious and, not to overuse the word, modern.  To top it off, the food was incredible. I took advantage of this since I was also a guest 🙂 I have known Brittany since our younger days and everyone agrees that she is an unbelievable kind, laid-back, and beyond sweet person. Her and Michael are best friends and I thought it was so cool to hear how each week one of them would plan a special date for the other person. They had been doing this since they started dating. Dont’ stop!

Downtown Toledo Wedding

Downtown Toledo Wedding The Secor Building

The Secor Buliding, Toledo Wedding Photography

Downtown Toledo Wedding Photography

Downtown Toledo Wedding Photographer The Secor Building

Downtown Toledo Wedding Photographer

For more wedding day pictures, click on the slideshow below:

5 Responses to “{Brittany and Michael} Fun and Modern Wedding”

  1. the oldest "D" says:

    You guys constantly come up with different things…The rings sitting on the back corner of the high heels…Great work again Ladies

  2. Bunny says:

    Love them! Thank you for your amazing work! I can’t wait to see even more!!

  3. Kelli says:

    Beautiful photos! Love the shoes! And love the pic of the shoes and the ring! Awesome couple, was so glad I could be a part of your special day! 😀

  4. MOG says:

    You so captured the moments !!!! Just like a fairy tale !!

  5. Aunt Linda says:

    How do you begin to choose!!! It truly was a beautiful wedding.