{Lynsey and Kevin} Wedding Day!

Kevin and Lynsey – I usually talk to everyone else when I write a blog, but this time I’m going to talk to you two. ¬†First off, it was great seeing you at the German American Festival. ūüėģ ¬†After doing your engagement portraits a while ago, I just knew your day would be the most perfect. ¬†I think it was. ¬†Kevin, I love the way you love Lynsey. ¬†I love how you take care of everything and how happy and excited you were every time I talked with you. ¬†Thank you for supporting us here at JEM and trusting me with your wedding. ¬†Lynsey, you were such a gorgeous and beautiful bride. ¬†You have a beauty like no other and that is all your own (even though you have an identical twin sister!). ¬†Here is a peek at your pictures finally! ¬†So excited to show you the rest, but these are all my favs. ¬†Enjoy and don’t forget to watch the show at the end. ¬†Love to you both!!


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