JEM’s New Look!

A few months ago, while trying to decide on what vinyl ‘fake’ wood backdrops to buy, I pressed cancel on my order instead of ‘buy’. I thought, why does the wood backdrops have to be fake??… there has to be an option to have real wood as a backdrop. I contacted Craig Mossing knowing he had done some other woodworking projects in town. After lots of discussion and brainstorming on Craig’s part, our new, one-of-a-kind, custom backdrop was born! Craig designed a backdrop stand that can accommodate both our paper backdrops we have always used along with the capabilities to switch out both the wall and floor with different wood pieces such as old barn wood of various colors, etc. A HUGE thank you to Craig for his design in helping this vision come to life. We couldn’t be more happy and excited to use this new backdrop stand!


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