Callie and Tim {Wedding Day!}

You would NEVER ever know just how H.O.T. it was on this day by looking at these pictures. I feel like spelling the word hot out might give more of an idea of just how scorching it was on this day… that and Death Valley also comes to mind! LOL! It’s amazing how everyone really kept it together even though it was hotter than hades out there. Anyway, this lady, Callie…I have taken her pictures for year now. I look forward to our sessions and catching up and hearing the latest. When I heard she was engaged I hoped I would get to be a part of this day. Callie and Tim – so deserving of this day and honestly so deserving of each other. And a seriously gorgeous couple, like freak of nature level! haha! It was my honor to photograph for you again, Callie (and now Tim)! Thank you!

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