Maggie and Jake {Give me all the Backyard weddings!}

There are wedding ceremonies that I’m happy the camera is in front of my face so people don’t see me cry my eyes out. This wedding in particular I was a little more than teary eyed, I was close to sobbing and to be honest so was everyone else! I think it’s the intimacy of a small backyard wedding. It’s the closest family and friends who know the story and the years together and who are the most happy for the couple. The tears started with the groom writing a little message on the bottom of the brides shoes and from there Dad down the aisle REALLY made me cry, the groom seeing his bride, Mom and Dad together crying, and to see so many happy happy tears made it hard for ME to see through my camera! I was the photographer at this little wedding (which was supposed to be big but was small… because…2020)… anyway I was the photographer but I FELT like a guest. Mom made all the food and desserts and aside from Rob Moody Jr. being the very best cook/chef I have known Mom was a close second. Everything but so delicious!! I guess Mom makes a family meal every week! They used their family china and did I mention how many family hugs I witnessed. I included maybe half of the hug pictures in this blog, but there were way more! Needless to say, I enjoyed this day, the weather was perfect, the light, the people, even the dogs even did their jobs perfectly! Thank you to the whole family!

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