Married in Boyne City

October 14th, 2019

There is a feeling of being up north that can’t be explained. The trees are more abundant and the sky stretches itself a little more than normal and the weather, even if it’s raining, is absolutely perfect no matter what. Because you are up north. That’s why.

When these two decided to get married, they chose a destination wedding 4 hours north of Toledo in Boyne City. It was the perfect backdrop to this very epic, fun filled, laugh filled, toast filled and love filled day. Feathers and all.

I love these two crazy birds. Katie and Kyle-cheers to your happily ever after!


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Mommy and Me – At Home edition

April 3rd, 2019

I’ve seen Naymin every year for a few years now and we always do something very different for his sessions. This year we got to come home to their NEW home! We did our session at Naymin and his Mommy’s newly built home and like most kids at at-home sessions… Naymin did wonderful! He was so much fun showing me his space and things. It’s a beautiful beginning for this Mommy and son duo and I love documenting this particular stage the best . LOVELY space Callie, seriously so calming, beautiful and loved seeing each detail. Jen and JEM love you guys dearly! Happy 6th Birthday buddy-boy!

























At home with Hugo and Penelope

March 26th, 2019

I went to their house to photograph mainly Penelope for her 6-month portraits… BUT little did big brother, mommy, daddy and HOUSE know they would be the star subjects too. I was in love with it all. This family literally had to kick me out. Mom designed the entire house and she designs kitchens by day. Such a beautiful family and space!

































{Erin Wiley} The Erin Wiley Therapy Show

January 14th, 2019

I met Erin about 5 years ago when we did a few pictures for her website and it was clear that she was passionate about her career. Recently, we met up again, along with her best friend, Tallie, at SIP coffee for some updated fun pictures. She was asked to be a (major) part of a brand new podcast, The Erin Wiley Therapy Show, where she will be discussing a broad range of mental health issues. She is one of those women that has wonderful confidence, the kind that brushes off onto others in such a good way.  I love that about her.  She is clearly called to be doing what she is doing and the city of Toledo is a better place because of her. You can find out more about her, her practice, and her upcoming podcast at her website .



Jess and Matt

January 10th, 2019

Our pre-wedding meeting happened at Inside the Five Brewery in downtown Sylvania and I am pretty sure we ended up talking details about the wedding at some point, but Matt and Jessie are more like friends. In fact, I’ve known Jess since we were young. My family moved into her childhood home when I was in middle school, and that is just a random useless fact for anyone reading this 🙂

Ironically enough, we met at a brewery for our pre-wedding ‘meeting’ and we took impromptu engagement pictures at J.Trees Cellars in Techuseh, MI. and I met Matt for the first time.

These two met while Jess was a traveling nurse and living out of her car, and Matt asked her on date to a remote mountain somewhere in Oregon. No way his friends thought would this girl, Jess, say YES to this guy she had only been talking to…but she brought a bottle of wine and a bottle of mace (just incase). Turns out, they are PERECT for each other. I love you guys!! I will come out to Oregon one day and visit. You invited me, it will happen.

And so…the wedding day. As most Toledo Saturdays seemed to go, rain was 90% in the forecast. Eight clear umbrellas were packed in the back of my car and a rain poncho was tucked into the sleeve of my camera bag. It rained, but not until after pictures. Jess got ready at The Renaissance in downtown Toledo and their first look was full of wind so strong her veil blew off. Both the ceremony and reception were at The Registry Bistro which hands downs, has some of the best food in Toledo.

The ceremony was short and sweet, the band was incredible, and the speeches hilarious.

A short blog on one of my favorite couples. 😉 Ok, a JEM wedding blog is never short, but I always intend for it to be.

A shout out to : Bee for the Day, Haftner Flowers (incredible as always!), BlueWater Kings Band, and Mager Designs and my amazing friend and assistant, Angie Gerber from Angela Gerber Photography.

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